Rivero Mestre is extremely pleased that the Eleventh Circuit affirmed the jury verdict in favor of Dr. Craig Wright, also known as Satoshi Nakamoto, which found Dr. Wright was not business partners with David Kleiman and that Kleiman’s estate is entitled to none of the multibillion-dollar Satoshi fortune.

Yesterday, a three-judge panel rejected claims that the South Florida federal court had given jury instructions about the formation of a partnership that were inconsistent with Florida law contemporaneous with the partnership at issue.

In December 2021, after four years of intense litigation and seven days of arduous jury deliberation, in a case that was widely thought to be unwinnable, the jury awarded nothing to Kleiman’s estate on claims alleging Wright owed Kleiman 1.1 million bitcoins, valued at $200 billion at the time of the trial.

Rivero Mestre’s appellate team, including Alan H. RolnickRobert J. Kuntz Jr.Amy Brown, and Michael A. Fernandez, handled the appeal from start to finish, including in preparing the winning briefing, with support from the trial team, which included Andrés RiveroJorge A. MestreZalman Kass, and Amanda L. Fernandez.

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