The Firm

Businesses that have been sued by commercial rivals, erstwhile partners, class action plaintiffs’ lawyers, or shareholders rarely ask us how the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure work. We know how they work. But we also know that solving your business problem is what counts. That’s why we get hired to take on the tough cases.

Why Rivero Mestre?

For more than twenty years, Rivero Mestre has been laser-focused on practicing business litigation at the highest levels. We have been counsel on some of the largest cases in the world. Our low volume of truly complex matters allows us to provide unparalleled quality. We know that at the heart of every one of our lawsuits, there is a knotty business problem. And, we come up with creative solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

We don’t get hired to tell our clients what won’t work—we tell them what will. Our clients have called us “game changers” and tell us that we “punch above our weight.” Don’t take our word for it—see for yourself.