MIAMI–Rivero Mestre LLP filed its sixth class-action complaint today under the Helms-Burton Act against Cuban government-controlled entities and international companies seeking damages on behalf of Cuban-Americans, whose properties in Cuba were illegally confiscated by the 60-year Castro dictatorship.

The Act provides Cuban-Americans the right to sue foreign entities that wrongfully trafficked in their properties and also provides a plaintiff with treble damages against a defendant who had prior notice of the claim.

Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of class representatives Marisela Mata and Bibiana Hernandez, descendants of Antonio Mata y Alvarez, who built the San Carlos hotel in Cienfuegos in 1925 and left after the government led by Fidel Castro appropriated the hotel in 1962, as well as other plaintiffs, against the following:

  • Grupo Hotelero Gran Caribe;
  • Corporación de Comercio y Turismo Internacional Cubanacán S.A.;
  • Grupo de Turismo Gaviota S.A.;
  • Corporación Cimex S.A.;
  • Trivago GmbH (a German limited liability company); and
  • B.V., (a Dutch limited liability company)

Several other foreign entities have received 30-day notices of intent to sue.

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