If you have taken Valsartan or another prescription within the Sartan group of drugs, Rivero Mestre may be able to help you.

Valsartan: Class Action Suit

Rivero Mestre has filed a putative class-action lawsuit against several manufacturers and distributors of contaminated Valsartan, a generic drug used to treat high blood pressure.

The FDA has issued one of the largest Class I recalls in history as almost half of the Valsartan currently being sold in the United States contains N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), an impurity classified as a human carcinogen. Rivero Mestre along with their co-counsel, MSP Recovery Law Firm, seek relief for a putative class of insurers and consumers who were unlawfully induced to pay for adulterated and dangerous Valsartan.

Rivero Mestre is also investigating potential personal injury claims caused by contaminated Valsartan, as well as other Sartan drugs, such as Losartan and Irbesartan.

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